Anna Gorman


I'm a yogi, and an engineer, and a dog lover, and a foodie. I grew up on the central coast of California. But always seeking to explore, I traveled the world - backpacking, studying, and living for stretches of time in over 25 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. I learned about yoga & reiki, cultural competency and languages, shamanism, climate change, devastation, and minimalism. Traveling has given me so much, and it's greatly shaped who I am today. For now, I've landed in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In college, I studied environmental engineering as an act of healing the planet. As ambitious as I was to make a difference, I quickly learned that it's not the planet, but rather the people that need the healing. Heal the people, heal the planet. And path led me to the healing arts. 

Authentic Heart Yoga was born out of my longing to heal, and out of an inherent understanding that it was all meant to be more beautiful than this, as author Glennon Doyle writes. The path to realizing this, I believe, is two things: authenticity and open-heartedness. 

My mission in creating Authentic Heart Yoga is to help facilitate the remembrance in all of us that knows deep down, all is well. There is nothing we need to change, no one we need to be. I use multiple healing modalities to support myself and others in returning to this truth through the practice of self love. 


Certified to levels one and two in Reiki Usui with Gabriela Barrios.

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 

with Dr. Ari Beers and Ben Needhan of Anahata Conscious Living Institute.

Certified by Yoga Alliance.

Bali, Indonesia


Essential Oil Specialist

with DoTERRA.

Flagstaff, AZ, USA


Authentic Heart Yoga  ♡  Practice Love.