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The Healing Power of Plants

Essential oils are derived from the roots, seeds, flowers, and bark of a plant. More than a scent, essential oils offer medicinal benefits that support our physical and mental well being. Chemically, they are the plant's immune system condensed into a liquid. That means that we benefit from the concentrated healing effects of their protective systems. Each oil offers a certain advantages to our overall health. When combined together, these oils can create an experience, a support system, and a medicine that we can trust. 

DoTerra essential oils have revolutionized my self care practice. A blend of education and intuition now guides me every day, many times a day, in choosing the right oil for the right purpose. The oils now supplement my health and home by providing safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Enroll with DoTerra

As a wellness advocate for DoTerra, I am able to share my knowledge and love of the oils with others. DoTerra offers two options for those interested in using the oils. 

Option one is to use this link to enroll as a Wholesale Customer by purchasing an enrollment kit, which allows you to receive wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish. 

Option two is to enroll as a Wellness Advocate, providing you with the opportunity to find financial freedom while supporting a company and product you can stand behind. 

Both options are supplemented with regular check-ins to support you in your acclimation to the oils.