Slow Flow

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90-minute Private Class - Building a personal practice.

$75 / Book Appointment


Practice one-on-one with Anna to enjoy a personalized practice unique to your needs. Beginning with a consultation, we will identify your goals, challenges, and vision before working through a customized sequence, incorporating aromatherapy, meditation, and sound healing in the process. Finally, you will receive a plan to assist you in building your home practice. Meet in-studio or your home.


Yoga Retreat

Boulder, CO

July, 2021

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20-minute DoTerra Phone Consultation

Free / Contact Authentic Heart Yoga

Are you curious about finding wellness in your home through high quality essential oils? As a Wellness Advocate and Aromatherapy Specialist with DoTerra, Anna can introduce you to the oils and help you sign up for an enrollment kit and kickstart your journey to greater wellness by living harmoniously with nature.


After falling in love with DoTerra Essential Oils, Anna was called to begin mixing her own blends. She incorporated knowledge about organic chemistry, the physiological connection between the olfactory senses, the mind, and the nervous system, and the intrinsic healing function of each plant, to craft blends that invoke complex and specified emotional responses. This led to the creation of the chakra collection, which provides support for each psychosomatic center. 

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