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The intersection of breath and movement

To me, yoga is the practice of coming home. It is the journey back to the homeostasis and depth that is always present within us. Though we move with the body, yoga inevitably travels far beyond the physical realm. With dedication, we plummet deep into the psyche, into consciousness itself. Eventually, yoga spreads, like vines entangle through a trellis. We inevitably experience an infusion of the consciousness we find on our mats into all aspects of our lives. Yoga assists us in the process of waking up. 

My practice is inspired by my training in contemporary dance. I infuse my sequences with repetitive fluidity and artistic expression, finding shapes that express what I feel in the moment, and encourage others to do the same. Vinyasa yoga is the main thread of my practice, although I incorporate Kundalini and Kriya yoga into my classes, along with Ayurvedic teachings and aromatherapy. 

It was a natural extension for me to begin teaching after seven years of personal practice. I now offer public and private classes and workshops, listed below. Please feel free to contact me with any additional inquiries.

Practice with me

Studio Class

Join me for a delicious evening reset every Tuesday at Yoga Revolution in downtown Flagstaff, AZ (south of the tracks). Class is "Night Chillz - Candle Flow".

Private Class

Please call or email for private session inquiries.